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  • Revamp
    Nov 5th 2012
        New and improved Web site! In hopes of better serving you, we have revamped the site. I hope in the days to come I can implement some much needed improvements and additions to what we already offer. You can now find us on Facebook. We are also looking to add a kiosk to simplify the updating of our Gears Software.

  • Changing of the guard
    Sept 30th 2012
        Trik-Dyno, LLC has changed hands. Tom Kowalczyk has passed to torch to Jason Kovall (son of Bill Kovall former partner). He will be your continuing support for all your Trik-Dyno needs.
Our Mission

Is to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic test equipment and dynamometer software that anyone who is into small engines can afford, with the goal of raising the performance bar at every race event.