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Gears Software

The GEARS Software System is designed to operate with all of the TRIK family of Dynamometers. In addition, the software is also available with a hardware kit DAK-150 which allows for adaptation to virtually any existing dynamometer to automate the control and data collection process.

Key Benefits

  • Written In LabView
  • Normalizes your run data to ensure
    consistency regardless of the weather
  • Provides software adjustment to run parameters
  • File names automatically increment
  • Dynamic graphing of engine pull
  • Data Retrieval and Analysis


Selectable Graphing

  • RPM, Torque or HP vs. Time
  • Torque or HP vs. Speed
  • Torque and HP vs., Speed
  • Overlay Previous Runs for Comparison

Redesigned User Interface Screen

  • Configurable for Either Metric or English Units of Measure
  • Three Input Channels That Can Be User Defined and Calibrated
  • Selectable Run Modes, Engine Pull, Engine Break-in or Engine Cycling
  • Customize Report Headings
  • Add Customer Name
  • Engine Info
  • Environmental Conditions
  • Track Modifications in Notes Field

Computer Requirements (Customer Provided)

  • Windows 2000 thru Win7 (Windows 8 to be tested)
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • USB Port
  • 1024 x 768 Display Resolution (Minimum)
Our Mission

Is to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic test equipment and dynamometer software that anyone who is into small engines can afford, with the goal of raising the performance bar at every race event.