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TRIK-250A Portable RC Engine Dyno

The Model TRIK-250A utilizes disc brake loading for engines up to 10 HP and includes an exceptional features package to assist the Engine Builder and RC enthusiast in getting the most from their engine.

  • Digital Engine RPM
  • Digital Engine Torque
  • Calculated HP
  • Corrected HP

Universal Mount w/ Pneumatic Tensioning Cylinder

Key Benefits

  • Patented Load and Measurement design
  • High Accuracy, Digital Output of RPM and Torque
  • Universal engine mount for Zenoah, Sikk and Quickdraw
  • Excellent Repeatability
  • USB Interface to User's computer
  • GEARS Analysis and Recording Software System
  • Stainless Steel Construction

Automatic Servo Controlled Throttle System

Our Mission

Is to provide accurate and reliable diagnostic test equipment and dynamometer software that anyone who is into small engines can afford, with the goal of raising the performance bar at every race event.